I don’t know about you but sometimes I find that in the world of fashion, there often isn’t a space or place to push back, question or criticise. Fashion moves thick and fast. Sometimes it can feel as if it’s spoon fed through the media machine while we’re all just meant to follow suit. I think we should all be active participators in fashion. Don’t just follow trends – make them up, take the bits you like and have the confidence to say “that’s rubbish, I am not buying into that”!

‘What The F#ck?!’ (WTF?!) is the theme where I will challenge, laugh or cry at fashion. Join me in celebrating the amazement of fashion and how it is expressed. Let’s not be afraid to say – WTF?!

So, when you see a blog post entitled WFT?! you can expect a piece of social commentary, an observation or a strong opinion which is all my own.