Bring On The Braids – Stylist

I am so happy to see this trend sticking around! It was a bloody awesome look last spring/summer and it’s still a bloody awesome look this spring/summer. There are so many reasons why I love this look. It’s clear, crisp and creative. There are so many ways you can choose to indulge this trend. Little braids, long braids, Dutch braids, French braids, bo-ho braids and … Continue reading Bring On The Braids – Stylist

What’s Your Uniform? – Stylist

What is your uniform? What this question means is what is your go-to look? What do you know, trust and wear the most?  I really like this concept, it means you have a sense of your own style and what really works for you. Most people will have one without even realising this. I think potentially we are all creatures of habit to some degree, … Continue reading What’s Your Uniform? – Stylist