Fashion Shoot Fun! – Insider

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of working with an awesome team of people @AntonelloMarini @LeeJolieMUA @pauline.mongarny @lilyalexanderr on a fashion shoot in Camden Town, London, UK. I was briefed to pull together a few ’80s outfits for the shoot so I bought, begged, borrowed and stole a whole range of items as well as ransacking my own collection! As a stylist nothing is … Continue reading Fashion Shoot Fun! – Insider

Going Bra-less Takes Balls (Ironically) – WTF?!

Well, word on the fashion street is that going bra-less is the thing to do, if you want to enhance a certain look. Whenever you see models on the catwalk, they never have bras, then they also don’t have tits! I can’t help but feel slightly panicked by this, and then I have to stop and think why? Why does this bother me? Well, I … Continue reading Going Bra-less Takes Balls (Ironically) – WTF?!

Alex Wek, A Super Model With A Difference – Insider

In a sea of white skinny models, stands a tall beautiful strong black woman from South Sudan. Her name is Alex Wek. Her beauty is so refreshingly unique in comparison to the sea of white women we tend to observe on the catwalks. More needs to be done to improve diversity on the catwalks, however this blog post is not about that, its about Alex … Continue reading Alex Wek, A Super Model With A Difference – Insider

Catwalk Shows Yeah! – Insider

I am super excited about next month as it is sees the start of London Fashion week. What a treat, I am signed up for an event called Pure, technically a fringe show, which is a fashion industry trade conference. There will be lots of talks and the best bit of all multiple catwalk shows throughout the day! I am so excited, it is going … Continue reading Catwalk Shows Yeah! – Insider