MC Overalls – The New Workface Workwear – Insider

Allow me to introduce you to MC Overalls. It’s a brand that was first established in the early 20th Century, reemerging itself last year with a fresh modern look and store based in Soho. I love this brand, because it manages to fuse workwear with style. Strong colours, utilitarian cuts and there boiler suits are to die for. It’s workwear but for the new workforce, … Continue reading MC Overalls – The New Workface Workwear – Insider

Alex Wek, A Super Model With A Difference – Insider

In a sea of white skinny models, stands a tall beautiful strong black woman from South Sudan. Her name is Alex Wek. Her beauty is so refreshingly unique in comparison to the sea of white women we tend to observe on the catwalks. More needs to be done to improve diversity on the catwalks, however this blog post is not about that, its about Alex … Continue reading Alex Wek, A Super Model With A Difference – Insider

Perfectionism Is Bulsh*t – WTF?!

Perfection is Bulsh*t. Yes, let that sink in, because as women and men that is hard to grasp. Somehow, along the line, there seems to be this cultural acceptance that women (predominantly) need to be perfect at all times, in all contexts, work, home, physically and so on. In fashion, this can often translate into perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect skin, perfect size, perfect lashes, … Continue reading Perfectionism Is Bulsh*t – WTF?!

Men Wearing Granny Scarfs – WTF?!

Yes, I spotted this on the runway. What fashion label is sporting this look – I hear you gasp. It rhymes with ‘Bendy’ – are you with me yet? I actually howled with laughter when I saw this, yes this is part of the Men’s 2017 Autumn/Winter collection. After I stopped laughing, I thought but hang on, why can’t a man where a head scarf … Continue reading Men Wearing Granny Scarfs – WTF?!