Bum Bag or Fanny Pack? You decide – WTF?!

I know, I can all hear you all going – WTF?! Really?…… Really. I am telling you. It has happened. How funny is that. If you’re anything like me you mocked this look alot the first time it come into fashion however is seems to be the go to look and at festivals in particular. At music festivals it does actually make sense. I was … Continue reading Bum Bag or Fanny Pack? You decide – WTF?!

Teeny Tiny Bags – Stylist

I love bags all bags, handbags, clutches, shoulder bags, rucksacks, canvas bags, and over the years I have had loads of them. All colours, shapes and sizes. To be honest, it could have easily become an obsession, along with my love for faux fur coats and shoes! Let me introduce you to this spring/summer’s new bag, its teeny and its tiny. I love this look, … Continue reading Teeny Tiny Bags – Stylist

Sequins, Metallic & Glitter Hell Yeah! -Stylist

What the hell is the festive season for if it is not for getting glammed up? With lots of sequins, metallic and glitter on offer, why not indulge, have fun, play and experiment with whatever feels good and works for you. Don’t forget your deep red or plum lippy though! The great thing about these fabrics and materials is that they look awesome on everyone, … Continue reading Sequins, Metallic & Glitter Hell Yeah! -Stylist