MC Overalls – The New Workface Workwear – Insider

Allow me to introduce you to MC Overalls. It’s a brand that was first established in the early 20th Century, reemerging itself last year with a fresh modern look and store based in Soho. I love this brand, because it manages to fuse workwear with style. Strong colours, utilitarian cuts and there boiler suits are to die for. It’s workwear but for the new workforce, … Continue reading MC Overalls – The New Workface Workwear – Insider

Realistic Reinvention – Stylist

For me and many others, every new year offers us hope of reinventing ourselves in some new way, shape or form. A new body, a new habit, a new experience, a new approach or a new beginning. So, will you reinvent yourself for 2018 and if so how? It doesn’t have to be an epic overhaul, as I can imagine you are brilliant just the … Continue reading Realistic Reinvention – Stylist

Celebrating Women in Business

Oh my days, Women in Business Excellence Awards 2017! Last night saw the 2nd year of the event held at the Hilton in Brighton\UK. It was a lot of fun. It was such a treat to attend and be part of such a magical evening, celebrating all the amazing contributions women make to business in the region. Just awe-inspiring. And, seriously OMG the outfits! It was … Continue reading Celebrating Women in Business

Going Bra-less Takes Balls (Ironically) – WTF?!

Well, word on the fashion street is that going bra-less is the thing to do, if you want to enhance a certain look. Whenever you see models on the catwalk, they never have bras, then they also don’t have tits! I can’t help but feel slightly panicked by this, and then I have to stop and think why? Why does this bother me? Well, I … Continue reading Going Bra-less Takes Balls (Ironically) – WTF?!

Can Everyone Just Stop Faking It? WTF?!

Look, I know a little ‘fakery’ here and there feels good but seriously, I do think one needs to keep this in check. The trouble is these companies and the media are getting so damn good at convincing us we need to look different from our natural state. I know/I know it feels good right? A little fake tan, lash extensions, fake nails. I have … Continue reading Can Everyone Just Stop Faking It? WTF?!

Alex Wek, A Super Model With A Difference – Insider

In a sea of white skinny models, stands a tall beautiful strong black woman from South Sudan. Her name is Alex Wek. Her beauty is so refreshingly unique in comparison to the sea of white women we tend to observe on the catwalks. More needs to be done to improve diversity on the catwalks, however this blog post is not about that, its about Alex … Continue reading Alex Wek, A Super Model With A Difference – Insider

What Women Must Wear As They Get Older – WTF?!

What must women wear as they get older? WHATEVER THE F#*K THEY WANT! There, phew, got that one off my chest pretty fast. With so many pressures and expectations on women and men to look and behave a certain way as we age, I think that as we get older surely one of the best things about ageing is getting away with whatever you want? I really … Continue reading What Women Must Wear As They Get Older – WTF?!

Feminism & Femininity United – Insider

Hurrah. Dio(R)evolution! Dior have (after all these years) finally put a women at the helm. Please let me introduce you to Maria Grazia Chiuri an Italian designer, with an impressive CV to boot. Having spent the last 17 years at Valentino, growing the business to over $1 billion, she has worked her way through the fashion ranks. Starting as a men’s designer, before Fendi and … Continue reading Feminism & Femininity United – Insider