Close The Loop – Good Work H&M- Insider

Lets all be honest and face the facts that fast fashion and the wider fashion industry does have a fairly large negative impact on the environment. We can’t shy away from it, so lets be honest, brave and admit that billions of tonnes of clothes end up in landfill sites. Lets also acknowledge the VAST majority of our clothes are made overseas and flown in … Continue reading Close The Loop – Good Work H&M- Insider

Sustainable Fashion – Insider

I met some super lovely ladies at Pure last weekend from the fashion brand, Beyond Retro. I really love Beyond Retro, because at the very core of their brand values is; sustainable fashion, also known as ethical or Eco fashion. We hear this term a lot, but what does it actually mean? Well if we go with the Ethical Fashion Forum it is defined as … Continue reading Sustainable Fashion – Insider