Finding Your ‘WOW’ In Your Wardrobe – Stylist Tips

Last week on instagram @fashion_i_here commented on putting some ‘Wow’ into your wardrobe. Now, I think this notion warrants a blog post too. Why? I might hear you ponder, well putting ‘wow’ into your wardrobe is totally subjective. It is really up to you to decide what that is. So, spring has (begun) to arrive, and now is the perfect time to inject some colour … Continue reading Finding Your ‘WOW’ In Your Wardrobe – Stylist Tips

Knowing What To Wear Everyday – Stylist

What you wear, whether you want to admit it or not, has an impact on how you feel and how others perceive you. It can also reveal a lot about how you feel about yourself too. Clothes have a transformative power. They can lift our spirits, boost our self-esteem and enhance our confidence, making us feel ready for the day ahead. The wrong outfit choice … Continue reading Knowing What To Wear Everyday – Stylist

Why Not Caring Too Much Is a Good Thing – WTF?!

I know this might feel slightly contradictory coming from a stylist, however I want to share this thought with you. I do believe making an effort with your appearance is important most of the time, however there comes a point in everybody’s life when you just have to let go a bit. I don’t mean let yourself go, I mean just care less sometimes.  It … Continue reading Why Not Caring Too Much Is a Good Thing – WTF?!

How To Find Your Style – Stylist

If I am honest overall, I think most people have a fairly good grasp of their own sense of style. We clothe ourselves everyday, therefore we are already demonstrating a pretty good sense of the use of fashion. On the flip side though sometimes it can be challenging, frustrating or annoying for lots of different reasons. You might have gone up or down a size, … Continue reading How To Find Your Style – Stylist

Tattoos, Your Permanent Accessory – Insider

When people look back at this era there is one thing in fashion that really stands out and that’s the rise in popularity of tattoos. I think back in the day when our parents were young, free and single, tattoos where really only reserved for sailors and dodgy men. Apologies for the stereotyping there, but it certainly wasn’t accepted in the mainstream. Tattoos were not … Continue reading Tattoos, Your Permanent Accessory – Insider

Perfectionism Is Bulsh*t – WTF?!

Perfection is Bulsh*t. Yes, let that sink in, because as women and men that is hard to grasp. Somehow, along the line, there seems to be this cultural acceptance that women (predominantly) need to be perfect at all times, in all contexts, work, home, physically and so on. In fashion, this can often translate into perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect skin, perfect size, perfect lashes, … Continue reading Perfectionism Is Bulsh*t – WTF?!

What’s Your Uniform? – Stylist

What is your uniform? What this question means is what is your go-to look? What do you know, trust and wear the most?  I really like this concept, it means you have a sense of your own style and what really works for you. Most people will have one without even realising this. I think potentially we are all creatures of habit to some degree, … Continue reading What’s Your Uniform? – Stylist