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Image is critical.

It always has been. How you present yourself to the world is important. We make all kinds of decisions based on people’s appearance. As right or wrong as that is, it is fact. But the really exciting element to all this is that image can be styled. Sometimes all you might need are some new colours in the make-up kit, or new accessories to give your look a fresh new edge.

Whatever it might be, as a stylist, I will take the time to learn more about you, your lifestyle and work within your budget to create a style that is the perfect fit for you. Whenever you see a blog post with Stylist at the end of the title, you will know that the post is discussing this topic.

We can enhance our image through styling and feel better about what we wear giving us more confidence.

My Personal Styling Services:

Personal styling is something that I find deeply rewarding. I have a sharp eye for cut, colour, texture and body shape. I can suggest new clothing combinations from your existing wardrobe and I can pair outfits with the right make-up colours and just the perfect balance of accessories. So, whether you want a complete image refresh or an outfit for a special occasion, I will work with you to find your perfect style. If you fancy a restyle, a whole wardrobe audit and refresh or a whole new look, then get in touch.

Personal styling is not just for the exclusive few. It is something that we can all enjoy and benefit from at different times in our lives. It needn’t cost the earth too.

My Fashion Styling Services:

Fashion styling will add value to your brand. Whether you’re an independent boutique, a fashion house, magazine or an online store getting the right image, look and style is vital. Your image reflects your brand and your brand must reflect your values. By doing so, this ensures long term meaningful relationships with your audience, whether that is a readership/customer or follower. Your business may need the support of a fashion stylist in some way, shape or form.

I offer a range of services from fashion shoots, campaign planning, to editorial such as articles and features. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea. You may need one of my services or perhaps a combination. Either way, let me know what you need and we can define a work plan to fit your business needs.

If you would like to see a brochure of my services, drop me a line and I will send it across. All personal styling and creative fashion focused projects welcome!

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I look forward to working with you soon.