What Women Must Wear As They Get Older – WTF?!

What must women wear as they get older? WHATEVER THE F#*K THEY WANT! There, phew, got that one off my chest pretty fast. With so many pressures and expectations on women and men to look and behave a certain way as we age, I think that as we get older surely one of the best things about ageing is getting away with whatever you want? I really … Continue reading What Women Must Wear As They Get Older – WTF?!

Power Dressing – Stylist

Power dressing, noun: the practice of dressing in a style intended to show that one holds an important position in business, politics, etc. So there you have it, that’s an official description, for men this is relatively easy, I know that is a massive sweeping generalisation and I can hear my partner telling me that is not quite fair to say that. He puts a lot of … Continue reading Power Dressing – Stylist