Make Life Easier, Opt for Shellac – Stylist

I love Shellac and having had naturally long nails all my life, thanks to genetics Shellac has revolutionised my beauty regime. All the women in my family on both sides have naturally long nails, so it was only destiny that I would follow suit. Because they grow like horses hoofs and are very strong, it means over the years I have spent so much time … Continue reading Make Life Easier, Opt for Shellac – Stylist

Negative Space Nails! – Stylist

What fun! So refreshing isn’t it to see some really fresh and funky ideas coming to the fore regarding nail fashion. I have slaved over my nails for years, I am really fortunate, thanks to genetics I can grow beautifully naturally long nails (apologies for the brag), that ironically often get mistaken for falsies, funny isn’t it. I really love this trend for so many … Continue reading Negative Space Nails! – Stylist