Furry Sliders Can Go Do One – WFT?!

Right, whose with me on this one? Have you seen them yet? Well, if you haven’t, from now on you’re going to start seeing them everywhere. They are so horrid, that they’re in fact comedy gold. Sliders with fur…… I am going to repeat myself, yes, sliders with fur! Faux fur I might add, well they blooming better be, because if that’s real fur, it … Continue reading Furry Sliders Can Go Do One – WFT?!

Statement Socks, Oh Purrleease – WTF?!

STOP PRESS…. Word on the fashion street is that statement socks are in! Hold up while I catch my breath from laughing so much. Seriously, that is so funny.  So, pretty much throughout my entire childhood, teenage and adulthood years, the sight of someone being seen wearing socks and sandals has always been a prime opportunity, to smirk, laugh and take the piss. Yes, we … Continue reading Statement Socks, Oh Purrleease – WTF?!

Shoulder Sweepers- WTF?!

Right ok, lets get this straight I love big earrings, in fact I own a few pairs myself, but is it me or has the whole shoulder sweeper trend this spring/summer 17 gone a bit nuts this time?  Just in case you’re wondering what are shoulder sweepers, I mean big, fat, massive, long earrings. Yes that actually sweep the top of your shoulders. I am … Continue reading Shoulder Sweepers- WTF?!

Underwear as Outerwear, No Thanks – WTF?!

I am actually really excited about the spring/summer 2017 fashion trends. It helps to get me through the winter months, grey, cold, wet and rather dreary all round. To help me along I have even gone as far as dedicating a whole pin interest board called ‘Summer Outfits’. This helps transport my mind to sunny days, feeling the sun on my skin and  imagining myself looking … Continue reading Underwear as Outerwear, No Thanks – WTF?!