Celebrating Women in Business

Oh my days, Women in Business Excellence Awards 2017! Last night saw the 2nd year of the event held at the Hilton in Brighton\UK. It was a lot of fun. It was such a treat to attend and be part of such a magical evening, celebrating all the amazing contributions women make to business in the region. Just awe-inspiring. And, seriously OMG the outfits! It was … Continue reading Celebrating Women in Business

Cute Dresses Galore At Sugarhill Boutique – Insider

This store is a MUST if you are shopping in Brighton. I have been shopping here for years. I love this store for so many reasons. Firstly it is an outlet, so everything is cheaper than normal, and yes I am my mothers daughter ‘obsessed with a bargain’. (Many of my fondest childhood memories are clothes shopping trips to the sales with my mum. Its no … Continue reading Cute Dresses Galore At Sugarhill Boutique – Insider