Winter Florals – Stylist

Winter florals, I like this concept. It’s a good reminder that even though the days are drawing in and the nights are getting longer, it doesn’t mean we have to ditch the colour and all have to start wearing dark colours which, lets face it does happen, every year. Have you ever stopped to think how much impact colour can have on how we feel. … Continue reading Winter Florals – Stylist

Faux Fur, Controversial I Know – Stylist

I can’t hide the fact that I really love faux fur.  I have quite a selection and each year I buy another faux fur coat much to my husbands dismay and I understand I’m not alone. Let’s get this straight from the start, fur farming is wrong, real fur coats are cruel, and you will never see me wear a real fur coat EVER. I … Continue reading Faux Fur, Controversial I Know – Stylist

Platform Crocs – Urghhhh, NO. WTF?!

There are two types of people in this world, those that like and wear Crocs and those that don’t. I am clearly in the latter camp. However, you can always count on the fashion world to take something awful and make it even more horrendous. Sorry, my Croc loving friends, however I am about to unleash my true feelings. Although, before I do, can I just … Continue reading Platform Crocs – Urghhhh, NO. WTF?!

Dressing For All Seasons- Insider & Stylist

Dressing for all seasons. This is what the British weather has finally driven us to accept. In my heart, along with many others we all know that this is the truth. Especially in ‘summer’ here in England/UK. Whilst at first glance this may feel a little sad/disappointing, as we all want to wear our summer gear in summer! The reality is, that we are faced … Continue reading Dressing For All Seasons- Insider & Stylist

Luxe Tracksuits, Jog On- WTF?!

Paris Fashion Week has been flaunting some interesting looks and by that, I mean luxury tracksuits. LOLs.  Really, do we have to go there? I know ‘Athleisure’ is making it’s mark but oh my days, luxe trackuits just make me cringe. Who can really pull these off? The answer to that is few and far between. Who can remember those really tacky pink juicy couture … Continue reading Luxe Tracksuits, Jog On- WTF?!