Hi there, my name is Francesca. I am a thirty-something lover of beaches, European festivals, new music, hot yoga, weight training and the arts. I’m passionate about people empowerment, problem-solving and I like to laugh – a lot! I studied as a stylist at the British College of Professional Styling and I live in Brighton, England, UK with my awesome partner.

I wholeheartedly love fashion. Seriously, it makes me extremely happy! For me it is a creative outlet and it is all around us, readily available to play with, explore and experiment. It’s all about using it anyway you like, whether that’s to enhance your natural beauty, make a statement or identify with our social tribes.

I believe in many ways our fashion and style choice often become an extension as well as a reflection of our personalities.

I am fascinated by trends, fashion innovators and everyday people that make fashion their own or dare to disrupt it! I love people that sit outside trends and become pushers of boundaries. People that dare to be different by simply being themselves. I am drawn to people, designers and labels that use fashion to make a statement, break the norms and be bold. I want to celebrate diversity in fashion and so that is why I created Fashion Lives Here.

I know that making the best fashion choices can sometimes be tricky, with so many styles on offer alongside the changing the seasons. And, I understand that we all want to look our best. Working as a stylist gives me an amazing sense of satisfaction through helping others make the right decision when it comes to creating their unique look.

At Fashion Lives Here, there will be regular features covering topics on personal styling, fashion/social commentary, street style plus inside info on boutiques, designers and fashion events. So, do pop back from time to time and have a little look around to discover some top tips on personal styling plus find out what I’ve seen, who I’ve met, spoken to, learned from and been inspired by!

Massive thank you and big love to you for expressing an interest.

Fran x

About Me


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