Winter Coat Sorted? – Stylist

How is everyone doing? And, more to the point are you ready for winter? Are you winter coat ready?

I have come to realise over the years that I go through fixations on certain fashion items. The reason for this, is that said chosen item, gives me joy and serves a important purpose or need should I say. As you may have discovered about me from previous winter fashion blog posts, I seriously dislike cold weather, feeling cold makes me sad. So, I go to extreme lengths to avoid it. Behold the winter coat.

It is me or have others noticed just how good the selection is this season. I was literally walking round Top Shop a few weeks back, in winter coat heaven. Walking from coat to coat stroking them, hugging them and trying them on ( I think security thought I was bit weird..lols) So many super warm styles to choose from, plus fashion seems to have got super playful over the last 2 years (we know why that is, an antidote to miserable global politics!).

Teddy bear coats, puffa coats in all shapes and sizes, playful and contemporary trenches. Long and short bright coloured faux fur (clapping hands and actually jumping up and down with joy). So, how many autumn/winter coats do I own?  Well, I have just counted them and that number is: 12 (technically 15 if you include denim jackets). Is that too many? No! Is the answer to that. There is no such thing as too many shoes, coats, dresses and denim jeans. I love having fashion options. It’s not a bad thing if you don’t. I have plenty of friends that keep it lean when it comes to their wardrobes.

My personal broad collection of winter coats allows me to dress for all occasions. I have accumulated these over the years, from a range of  designer, high street, vintage and charity clothes shops. Variety is the spice of life as they say. There is another reason why I love coats, one should never underestimate the power a good coats brings, because it is the first item people see when you go out and about. Never trash an awesome outfit with a tatty, gruby, ill-fitting coat. I am also not telling you to go out and buy tonnes of coats, all I am saying is, have a smart coat/coat that you love for important and special occasions or just for feeling awesome as you step out the front door.

I think job interviews, dates, weddings etc.  all require a better looking coat aka a trench.   Food shopping, heading to the gym or doing the school run you can opt for something more casual aka the puffa.

Your body shape will determine what style of coat will suit you best. Many of my clients over the last 2 years have been apple shaped. So, here is an example of coat shapes that would you suit best, these would also work for pears, and rectangles, thanks to waist creating or figure slimming cuts :

Winter Coats for Apple Shape

Elegant and simple aren’t they? I have a cape, I love capes as declared in one of my earlier posts from 2016.

I know it is winter and we all lean towards darker colours, however fashion this year is serving up colour, so don’t shy away, grab a red coat, a bright blue coat or even a multi-coloured one! Have fun, be bold, don’t be cold and love the coat your in, that’s what I say!

Busy this winter and need a colour and body shape analysis to help you choose the right coat and party dress this season. I offer these services, all delivered via email too, so no need to worry about timings or appointments. I know you are busy enough! Drop me a line to find out more on

Be warm and be fabulous this winter.

Big cosy love,

F x

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