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Allow me to introduce you to MC Overalls. It’s a brand that was first established in the early 20th Century, reemerging itself last year with a fresh modern look and store based in Soho.

I love this brand, because it manages to fuse workwear with style. Strong colours, utilitarian cuts and there boiler suits are to die for. It’s workwear but for the new workforce, one that is creative and diverse. The creative industries are steaming ahead globally now, stimulating economic growth particularly in the Global North and it’s workforce needs fresh attire. There is a unisex feel to the style. Block colours and comfy cuts that suit both men and women.  I love that men and women can shop from the same ranges from this brand, it just feels so cool and modern to do so. Don’t get my wrong, my heart sings in the women’s department of any store, however I have started wearing more mens clothes of late, because they are so damn comfy and often ooze cool.  Personally, I can find women’s clothes way too provocative, which bores me.


MC Overalls has a long list of collaborations from Be More Pirate (Sam Conniff) to Beavertown (Craft Beer) plus they can now be found in-store at Harvey Nics! I have yet to visit the store in Soho, however when I do, I know I wont be able to leave without a baby pink denim boiler suit! Anyone that knows me, will know I have a ‘thing’ for all-in-ones (not onsies, just saying)/playsuits and jumpsuits. I have been wearing jumpsuits since 2000. I know – bloody nora.  Still rocking it (just, lols).



So, there we have it a gender neutral workwear range for the creative and contemporary workforce of today.


Modern, fresh, cool and comfortable. One last thing before I go, the price points are REALLY good too!  Here’s a link to there online store:

Peace out.




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