Will Your Style Change This Season? -Stylist

Does your style change with the season? The fashion brands have a vested interest in wanting you to change your look. The economy depends on it. However, I think there is a middle way. I like to mix it up, so I revise, edit and update what I have with a full seasonal swap over. By this I mean, in spring/summer (S/S) I put away all my autumn/winter (A/W) clothes and then bring out my A/W clothes once the season comes back around. I go through these items each season swap over and decide whether to keep, recycle or bin (binning is the LAST resort and by binning I mean charity clothes bin you often see on street corners or supermarket car parks, that will sell it to the rag man for donations).

My rule is buy a small number of choice items that go with what you have.  Easy when you say it like that. What choice items I hear you say!?

No need to throw it all away and start again. Fashion is constantly transferring, colours, ideas and themes. I am wearing my dungarees which I bought 20 years ago.  WTAF? I hear you say, I know, I know!

So the colours this A/W are just gorgeous with mustard, greens, rust, metallics, statement tees, colour bombing,  (my personal fav at the mo),  low heeled boots, cute necklaces, wide leg trousers, boiler suits, squidgy trainers, loose cuts and cosy knits all so comfy and alluring.  Stripes are in (again), trench coats standard which will never be out of fashion. Plus, you have power dressing, double breasted blazers and wide leg trousers along with black vinyl and leopard print. The latter two are not my bag personally, however there are lots of people that can pull that off. Not sure about vinyl material and leopard print then steer clear. You need to be uber sure with these statement materials.

Mustard Jumper

What will I be buying.? Choices, choices. I am loving the jumper, long skirt, biker jacket look. I don’t own a long skirt, so perhaps I will treat myself. And, something mustard coloured I think. I own some Chuck 2 Converse, all weather all terrain, they go with everything, plus my DM boots as they are NEVER out of fashion as far as I am concerned! Right now I am trainer obsessed too so I think some fila trainers would be fun to take me back to the 90s!

Long skirt and biker jacket

OOo I just remembered that I have recently bought a rainbow statement jumper, I am obsessed with jumpers and a bright red puffa jacket.  So comfy and snuggly.

Red Puffa

Actually, come to think about it, my style has changed a lot over the course of this year. This has been the first time in 13 years where I have NOT had an office based 9-5 job. I have worked myself, taken time out, travelled and launched some creative business ventures, so to reflect such a dramatic lifestyle change my wardrobe has become increasingly more casual and funky.

I live in trainers, jumpers and t-shirts most days, love baggy jeans, cropped wide-leg jeans (still wear skinnies from time to time, however I am a tad bored now of that look, it has literally been around for the last 10 years, non-stop ZzzzzzzZzz). I am also feeling hybrid fashion, combining sports gear with smart/casual. Right now I am sat in an Adidas Equipment hoodie with wide-leg paperbag high waist cropped trousers, got there in the end lols. A prime example of my fresh new style right there.

3 women

Add a few choice items to update your look, give it go! It will make your existing wardrobe feel new again, and that’s a lovely feeling.

Need a hand updating your look this season, would like some guidance or recommendations on what colours and cuts suit you best, then drop me line on francesca@fashion-lives-here.com or follow me on insta @fashion_i_here. I would LOVE to hear from you.

Much peace and love!





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