Well, HellOOOoooooo There!

Hello there fellow fashion friends, fiends and fanatics!

Firstly, let me begin by apologising for my notable absence over the Spring/Summer season. To be honest, I have been pouring my energy into my other creative business ventures, that pay the bills (I run my own fundraising consultancy and I am edm vocalist/producer plus fashion stylist – my side hustle). I have not been completely off the fashion map, given my obsession for it, you will find me on insta @fashion_i_here offering up a range of images, tips, ideas and recommendations from the last season.

After numerous approaches from fashion brands, I have decided not to sell out my fashion blogging to brands and advertisers because I want to remain honest in my ideas, feelings and fashion recommendations. Can you really trust  an opinion from someone who is paid to talk about brands? Plus, with all the advertisement online, which is mighty intense these days, I thought it would be more of an enjoyable experience for you, the dear reader, to find respite on my fashion blog.

A safe space and place that is free from product selling if you will, that allows you to indulge in thoughts, ideas and recommendations from yours truly.

So without further adieu, I am going crack with a raft of blog posts that I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do writing.

Big love and thanks for being patient with me.


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