MC Overalls – The New Workface Workwear – Insider

Allow me to introduce you to MC Overalls. It’s a brand that was first established in the early 20th Century, reemerging itself last year with a fresh modern look and store based in Soho. I love this brand, because it manages to fuse workwear with style. Strong colours, utilitarian cuts and there boiler suits are to die for. It’s workwear but for the new workforce, … Continue reading MC Overalls – The New Workface Workwear – Insider

Will Your Style Change This Season? -Stylist

Does your style change with the season? The fashion brands have a vested interest in wanting you to change your look. The economy depends on it. However, I think there is a middle way. I like to mix it up, so I revise, edit and update what I have with a full seasonal swap over. By this I mean, in spring/summer (S/S) I put away … Continue reading Will Your Style Change This Season? -Stylist

What to wear? Epic Autumn So Far! – Stylist

Welcome to Autumn/Winter (A/W) 2018! Hasn’t it been utterly gorgeous so far (yes I know it has rained too but let’s not focus on that for now – winter is not for thinking about right now), beautiful warm days, blue skies and the changing colours of the trees. It is such a special time of year, a time for reflection, contemplation, of letting go whilst … Continue reading What to wear? Epic Autumn So Far! – Stylist

Well, HellOOOoooooo There!

Hello there fellow fashion friends, fiends and fanatics! Firstly, let me begin by apologising for my notable absence over the Spring/Summer season. To be honest, I have been pouring my energy into my other creative business ventures, that pay the bills (I run my own fundraising consultancy and I am edm vocalist/producer plus fashion stylist – my side hustle). I have not been completely off … Continue reading Well, HellOOOoooooo There!