Finding Your ‘WOW’ In Your Wardrobe – Stylist Tips

Last week on instagram @fashion_i_here commented on putting some ‘Wow’ into your wardrobe. Now, I think this notion warrants a blog post too. Why? I might hear you ponder, well putting ‘wow’ into your wardrobe is totally subjective. It is really up to you to decide what that is. So, spring has (begun) to arrive, and now is the perfect time to inject some colour into your wardrobe.

For me ‘wow’ in your wardrobe means colour, for you it might mean doing something new, brave and bold. Maybe going for a cut, a new dress, a new look. Spring is a lovely time for a bit of personal reinvention.

Not quite as dramatic as Madonna or Kylie the ‘Queens of Reinvention’, however why not reconsider your look and do something fresh, new and a bit exciting. Spring offers us a sense of renewal, by its very nature, so why not tap into that feeling and try something new in your fashion too!

What have I done which is keeping with this theme of putting ‘wow’ into the wardrobe? Well, I have bought some neon pink/orange Adidas trainers. Here they are looking awesome (my raving shoes -obvs).


And, I have bought a neon pink lipstick, ha ha, there is a theme here. I also bought a statement T-Shirt saying ‘Everything is going to be ok’. I have never worn a Statement Tee before, however I saw it and thought ‘why not give it a go’ (and it was £3 in a charity shop too – double win). Here is picture of it below:

Statement T

So there we have it, try a garment you might not normally go for, step outside your colour comfort zone, like a flower in spring, open up and bloom! You might even turn a few heads and that’s a good thing, it means whatever your are doing it’s working!

A lot of my clients ask about which colours they should use and I really appreciate how confusing it can be. I offer a simple colour analysis service all done remotely too. It’s so easy just send me a portrait picture and I will review this and send across your best colours plus which ones you need to avoid. You need never be confused again all for £50! Bargain. Drop me line on if you need a hand with colours this spring/summer- otherwise, just dive in, go for it and don’t worry about it.

Happy spring peeps (btw – I know there are lots of new trends hitting the shops for this spring/summer season, so I will get writing to give you a heads up on what I think is most fab!)


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