Make Life Easier, Opt for Shellac – Stylist

I love Shellac and having had naturally long nails all my life, thanks to genetics Shellac has revolutionised my beauty regime. All the women in my family on both sides have naturally long nails, so it was only destiny that I would follow suit. Because they grow like horses hoofs and are very strong, it means over the years I have spent so much time labouring over them. I wonder how much time (and money) I might of spent on them, removing nail polish filing, clipping,  pushing back the cuticles, base coat, 2 coats of colour and a top coat. Plus, back in the day there was no such thing really as fast drying. So that means I have spent the hours, so many HOURSSSSSS. Not anymore….. yippeee – Shellac has changed my life. It can change yours too.

The manicurist has to spend more time filing than painting, they dry so hard and fast that I really couldn’t believe it when I had my first Shellac mani. The moment when she looked up at me and said they’re done you can go, I was shocked! I have spent so much time with my hands sitting under that unless nail dryer  so to put the colour on and then leave minutes later not worrying about chipping, nicking, pulling, smudging it was a total revelation! Plus it lasts for up 3 weeks. So worth my £25!! Plus I love supporting local businesses, that largely employ women with my wallet. Check out the awesome job she did on my nails last week ( see the picture below)! As you might be able to tell, I love colour and playing about with designs.



If you have a hectic life and lets face it, women generally do. Especially between the ages of 30 – 65 when children are being born and growing up plus the career, fitness and social life to manage having nice nails can easily drop off the list. As a stylist, I am a bit of stickler for the small things.

You don’t have to have long nails, just neat and with a splash of polish (colour or neutral/clear) it really finishes the look. Polished nails are the icing on the cake of any outfit, along with your hair, make -up and accessories.

Again, if you are super busy, and prefer not labouring on these, then my advice is ‘less is more’. I am all for making things easier for my clients, especially working mums/pro women when speed and ease are critical. Its is about short hacks, cheats, tips and tricks to help you feel ready for the day.

Nails 3

Shellac makes life easy, trust me. Plus, it makes you take time out for yourself. Surely you can find 1 hour in your month to pop into a local nail salon! Add it to your routine, find the time, its really not that expensive when you think how much we might spend on coffee or lunch out a month/ or a bottle of wine or 2! So, treat yourself, find the time to look after your nails. After all it shows that you are looking after self (along with everybody else).






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