What The Hell Is She Wearing?!

What The Hell Is She Is She Wearing ? Is a new blog post feature that I am introducing to chat about what I have chosen to wear. I will aim to create at least one of these posts a month here on the blog. I believe that by being a professional Personl/Fashion Stylist, there’s a great opportunity to share one of my current fashion outfits of the day with you.

Now if I’m honest, if I said I LOVE clothes this would be a huge understatement. Clothes, being around lots of them, owning them, shopping for them, helping others feel good in them gives me incredible feelings of emotion that is actually quite difficult to express.

I experience immense joy when dealing with and thinking about clothes. Joy is probably the best noun to use for my emotional expression towards clothes.

I have been blogging for over a year now and had such a fab response, with over 3,000 readers (Massive THANK YOU!). During this time I have shy’d away from posting pictures of myself in my own clothes because to be honest, I was concerned about how vain that might look! However, I have come  to realise that for me it is not about vanity, it is about sharing with my readers and clients more of my style, my clothes choices and demonstrating the way in which I use clothes to give me confidence. If you really want to know more about my fashion choices follow me on instagram @fashion_i_here as I will be sharing lots more pictures and thoughts about my own wardrobe, make-up and style choices going forward.

In this picture, I am in Old Street, London, UK. To add further context I was heading to a conference called ‘The Story of Rave’. This is an annual three day conference, arts expo and workshop event that connects people who are passion about music from across the rave scene, by that I mean Acid House, Hardcore and Jungle etc. So this is my chosen outfit for the opening day:


Nike Blaze Trainers (Rebound, Brighton)

Diesel Skinny Jeans (Design Lab; Brighton)

Supreme Being – Bring the Noise Sweater (CoolHand Luke;Brighton and is also a S mens jumper)

Real Biker Jacket (Rebound,Brighton)

Massive Faux Fur Scarf (clothes Swap from a mate)

I change my look a lot depending on the context, so having a wardrobe that is mixed and varied is important to me. Next month, I will be speaking at a more formal event with my other hat on as MD for Creative Development Consulting (my charity consulting business), so I shall have a very different outfit. I will be sure to blog about that so you can see just how much I mix it up. For others having a solid ‘go to selection’ its more practical and easier to use when it comes to building outfits, especially for working mums and professional women in general, it is really all about what works best for you.

Got any fashion related questions? Then feel free to drop me a line on francesa@fashion-lives-here.com



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