Love Your Layers- Stylist Tips

So February is here, there is always a surge of positivity once we get through January. I guess a new payday has landed, ‘dry Jan’ has come to an end or perhaps we are one step closer to the spring/summer month. Whatever it is, let’s all take a deep breath, be pleased that we are all still here and begin to move forward into the (not so new) year.

The draw back to February, is that it’s so damn cold here in the UK. I know, I go on and on throughout my blog banging on about the cold/wet weather. Like many it’s just plain simple; I just don’t like being cold. In fact as I type this feature, I am sat in my office with a massive scarf on, big black wooly hat, heating on full blast plus I have the warmest room in the house which is filled with sunlight. Winter sun, a double edged sword. Thank goodness for sunshine, however always remember a sunny day in winter means it will be super cold outside so LAYER UP.  This segways nicely into my theme for today post; Layers. Thank goodness for them, where would I be without them?


Layering well, is a technique that everyone can enjoy, plus if you really want to experiment you can layer with fabrics, textures and colours. When it comes to layering your clothes, you don’t want to look like you are wearing a hundred different tops, what you want to go for is two or three overlapping layers that create a flattering silhouette, whilst keeping you warm and once warmed up, you can then shed a few to reveal your fabulous outfit beneath (I am thinking Friday night out when you hit the pub!).


Layering clothes works for everyone, no matter your size or shape. So how does one go about layering their clothes well? Well for example, let’s take the shirt and jumper. A classic look that I love and by far the easiest that can work for everyone. Just make sure your colour combo suits you. Also pattern wise keep it simple, or plain and if you are larger opt for a smaller patterns, if you’re smaller you could opt for bigger pattern sizes, if you so wish. Below is just a short list of other layering options you could try this winter:

  1. Dresses over skinny jeans or leggings.
  2. Vest tops under shorter/cropped jumpers or shorter tops
  3. Vest tops under sheer dresses and shirts
  4. Use more than one scarf to create a snug look for your outwear
  5. Polo necks under dresses or shift dresses or big jumpers (with minus temperatures forecast for next week, this is a good one)

Layering is also fab for women with baby bumps, if you want to know more about that please look at my blog post called ‘Looking Fab with a Bump’ as there are lots of ideas there for you too!

Happy Layering.



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