Do Your Clothes Fit You? Stylist

Do your clothes fit you and do you consciously aim to buy clothes that fit you? I know, at a first glance this seems like a silly question however, I know that it is all too easy to hold on to clothes that don’t. It is also too easy to try and squeeze into clothes that don’t fit or buy clothes that are way too big! I have been very guilty of all of these offences in the past. I also used to try and squeeze into clothes in the shop fitting rooms, knowing that they didn’t really fit, and buy them anyway in a some strange attempt at telling myself I was a smaller size than I actually was. Madness isn’t it?

I believe it’s very common that we hold on to clothes for lots of different reasons but seriously if they don’t fit, then you have 2 options:

  1. You take action so that they do, or
  2. You just have to get rid of them in a phased approach (very few of us can afford to throw out our clothes and start again).

Have you ever wondered what it might be doing to your confidence holding on to clothes that don’t fit anymore or worse have never fit you? Over time, they will slowly erode your confidence because everyday you see them and they become a subtle reminder that your body isn’t the shape it once was or you would like it to be.

The only time I would allow a client to hold on to clothes that no longer fit them, is if they had a dedicated plan to change and were 100% confident they would fit again. Or, the garment had a very important/special memory attached to them, that evoked a sense of joy when they looked at it. So, if you want to look and feel amazing in your clothes, here is my super ‘how to’ guide:

  1. Where good foundation underwear. Get measured if you’re unsure.
  2. Buy your size. If you’re unsure of  your size then take 3 sizes into the changing room (small/med/large). Don’t freak out if you are bigger than you thought. IT IS OK!
  3. Buy clothes that suit your body shape. Unsure about your shape, then drop me a line.
  4. Decide on your favourite asset and dress to enhance it.

My body has recently changed. I have lost some lb’s and gradually over the last 5 months built a little more muscle through a body building programme with my amazing Personal Trainer Gergo Jonas (check out his website Now a large % of my wardrobe just doesn’t fit! Yep a massive clear out has begun, however this has to be phased because financially I can’t afford to just throw out everything and start again.  So, i need to go and buy a belt for my jeans and some smaller tops.

Bodies change, lives change, wardrobes need to change with you. There is no shame in buying the size that you are, whether that’s a 20 or 6. Whatever shape you are it is best to just be honest to yourself and ensure your wardrobe fits you properly. This will make you look good in your clothes and feel 100% better, I promise.



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