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Lets all be honest and face the facts that fast fashion and the wider fashion industry does have a fairly large negative impact on the environment. We can’t shy away from it, so lets be honest, brave and admit that billions of tonnes of clothes end up in landfill sites. Lets also acknowledge the VAST majority of our clothes are made overseas and flown in to the shops, again harmful to the environment, not to mention all the plastics that get used and thrown away in the process. Well, the good news is the fashion industry is starting to do something about it, phew.

Sustainable fashion, nurturing supply chains, being carbon neutral and encouraging recycling are all on the up. M&S have their notable ‘Plan A’ programme and so many other large retailers are following suit and quite rightly so. As much as I love shopping I feel we have a role to play. I believe we can find ways to slow down, buy less and use what we have better and for longer. It is in the best interest of our mother Earth.

H&M 2

This post pays a nod to H&M and their scheme Close the Loop. It’s an incentive related recycling scheme where for every bag of old clothes you bring in to one of their stores you receive a £5 voucher per bag to spend in store (when you spend £25+). H&M then pack your old bag of clothes off for recycling and there are 3 outcomes for your old clobber:

  1. They get recycled into new clothes or
  2. Broken down into new materials or
  3. They get used to create new energy.

The goal is zero waste. Now there’s a nice thought. Talking of nice thoughts here’s another one, H&M also have a Foundation and give away £millions to charity, working on humanitarian and environmental causes too.

You see I am not totally anti large multi-nation organisations, if you had read my Black Friday post you may have thought that I am! I am just keen to see big businesses improve it’s practices to protect the planet and its inhabitants including us, in which it profits from. Planet, People then Profits in that order.

The slogan is: Re-wear, Reuse, Recycle. Quite a good rule to follow, so instead of buying a new sequin outfit for this years parties in 2018, I will be wearing one I bought a few years ago.

Let re-wear, reuse and recycle be our mantra!

Much peace and love.


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