Realistic Reinvention – Stylist

For me and many others, every new year offers us hope of reinventing ourselves in some new way, shape or form. A new body, a new habit, a new experience, a new approach or a new beginning. So, will you reinvent yourself for 2018 and if so how? It doesn’t have to be an epic overhaul, as I can imagine you are brilliant just the … Continue reading Realistic Reinvention – Stylist

Close The Loop – Good Work H&M- Insider

Lets all be honest and face the facts that fast fashion and the wider fashion industry does have a fairly large negative impact on the environment. We can’t shy away from it, so lets be honest, brave and admit that billions of tonnes of clothes end up in landfill sites. Lets also acknowledge the VAST majority of our clothes are made overseas and flown in … Continue reading Close The Loop – Good Work H&M- Insider