Know Your Style; Know Your High Street- Stylist/Insider

Knowing what works for your body shape and colour gives you a massive advantage when it comes to choosing clothes and building your style. The other key to looking and feeling good in clothes is knowing what shops to go to, alongside knowing what cuts and colours work best for your shape and really cater for your preferred style.

You may of noticed and I hear this a lot, sizes and cuts really do change from shop to shop. They shouldn’t but they really do and this can make clothes shopping harder, not to mention picking the right sizes. For example, a size 10 in M&S is totally different to size 10 in H&M, so knowing what the high street has to offer you plus what shop sizes are the best fit for you is going to make shopping a whole lot easier.

In Oasis I don’t fit a 10 and don’t fit a 12 either and sadly there is no such size as an 11, so I don’t spend much time in there if at all. In M&S I am a size 8 and in some French Connection cuts I am even a size 6, confusing, isn’t it! I definitely know that I wouldn’t fit into a size 6 in Top Shop.

As a stylist I scope the shops on a regular basis from season to season, to gain a sense of what is out there and what the offers and bargain are! I also review the sizes, accessories, shoes and bags. I love and fully endorse blending low, med and high-end styles together, as it creates a much more cutting edge look and better demonstrates uniqueness.

Here is my stylist top tip. Take the time to try on items in store (make time to do this) and be honest about what fits and what doesn’t. I know we are all guilty of trying to fit into smaller sizes, I used to do this a lot. If is doesn’t fit, go up a size/or down and don’t worry about it, if it fits properly you’re going to look so much better and that’s the priority! And, don’t get hung up on size labels either. They vary so much from shop to shop so just stay focused on knowing what fits your shape and you wont go far wrong.







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