Winter Florals – Stylist

Winter florals, I like this concept. It’s a good reminder that even though the days are drawing in and the nights are getting longer, it doesn’t mean we have to ditch the colour and all have to start wearing dark colours which, lets face it does happen, every year.

Winter Floral3

Have you ever stopped to think how much impact colour can have on how we feel. Its amazing when you do. Colour is so powerful and it really can influence you in all sorts of ways. That is why I like the idea of Winter Florals as a colour option for clothing. Who doesn’t appreciate the sight of  a beautiful flower in bloom? And, if it is printed on my clothes then even better!

Winter F 4

There are lots to choose from and you will find Winter Floral prints on suits, trousers, shirts and dresses. There are a few tricks you can use when opting to work with printed materials. As a stylist here is my top tip. If you are on the larger side you could opt for smaller print patterns and if you are on the smaller side you could go for bigger print patterns.  In the world of styling this is called illusion dressing, we use patterns to simulate silhouettes that are more flattering. Colour is a whole realm in itself, so I am not going into detail on that one. You will have to hire me to find out what suits you best 🙂


So, if you fancy brightening up your winter wardrobe throw some floral in there for good measure. After all, flowers are something we can enjoy all year round, whether they are on your clothes or in a vase on your table.


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