Personal Shopping Offer For You Or A Loved One? – Stylist Xmas Deal

Looking for gift ideas for a loved one this Christmas, or perhaps you fancy lining up a personal shopper for the January 2018 sales? Then why not buy my personal shopping sessions, currently half price and the offer ends on the 27th December!

You may feel like upgrading your wardrobe, updating your look or have someone in mind that would love a personal shopping experience in the New Year, to buy some new key pieces to give their wardrobe that refreshed feel.

Whatever the style need, I would like to give you a special offer! Why? Because I can, it’s Christmas and to be honest I LOVE shopping. Knowing that I can help you/ or your loved one feel even more confident in clothes and style choices makes me incredibly happy, so it really is a double, even triple win win all round.


I am offering personal shopping sessions half price at £75 for an intro 2 hour session plus a free style summery, colour and shape analysis.

If you are a seasoned shopper or you know someone that likes to shop for longer then simple, book me for 4 hours at £150 and make an even bigger saving!

So, if you or your loved one are based in the South East, Sussex, Surrey or London\UK and fancy having your own Personal Shopping Assistant for a few hours, then I would be delighted. Do get in touch ASAP, as I am already getting booked up for the New Year.

Tempted but not hired a personal stylist before and wondering what goes on during a Personal Shopping session? Well here’s a breakdown to give you a flavour:

  1. You/or the lucky present receiver  will need to fill out a short questionnaire before we meet, to give me all the info I need. This gives me ahead start in understanding more about overall style, likes and dislikes.
  2. We will book in a time, date and location (influenced on what style of clothes you need to shop for)  that works for you.
  3. We will meet at an agreed location, we will work through 2 stores where you can just relax and let me build the key outfits. I will also explain why specific cuts and colours work best.
  4. We will have a ‘trying on’ session at each store (where you are not obliged to buy any clothes during our session) so is totally up to you.
  5. We will finish with a coffee and review of session.

Want to find out more or enquire about a booking for a loved one as present then email me at

I am already looking forward to our personal shopping session together!


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