A Stylist In Your Pocket – Insider

Allow me to introduce you to ‘Style Counsel’ a brand new and very exciting app that launched this year. In less than 8 months, the app has already gathered over 9,000 users across USA, UK and down under in Australia.

What is the purpose of the app I hear you as ask? Well it is essentially a personal stylist in your pocket. You download the app (from iTunes, not yet available for Android however in the pipeline, phew) and it immediately connects you to a global team of personal stylists. Hurrah.

This idea began as a brain child by Sophia Matveeva during her MBA. Fast forward 18 months later and here we are talking about it. Style Counsel’s tech analog is Houzz, which connects retailers, users and experts and is valued at $2.3bn. Style Counsel was launched at Chicago Booth and coached in the Global New Venture Challenge, the accelerator which gave rise to Grubhub and Braintree.


There are lots of features at your finger tips with this app. You can take pictures of yourself in an outfit, post fashion looks you like or photos of the garments and seek professional advice from global fashion bloggers and stylists. Currently, Style Counsel has 70 fashion bloggers/stylists from around the world who feedback and respond to your style ideas, outfit pictures who can even make recommendations on where to buy certain items and outfits that you might be looking for. Stuck for style ideas for a date or a big job interview, fear not! Just ask Style Counsel.

Its a fab idea for a quick fix however, nothing will replace having a face to face relationship with a personal stylist who truly understands you and your style needs. A personal stylist will take the time to really understand your lifestyle, your body shape, colour and not to mention what you like, dislike and aspire to look like. I see the app as an added bonus and that’s definitely a positive thing. Think of it as an extension of your personal styling service. After all, sadly for most of us, it’s not possible to have a personal stylist work round the clock exclusively for ourselves, so this is the next best thing!

Fancy trying the app right now then click here. 

Let us never be stuck when it comes to choosing an outfit ever again.

What’s not to like about that!


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