Celebrating Women in Business

Oh my days, Women in Business Excellence Awards 2017! Last night saw the 2nd year of the event held at the Hilton in Brighton\UK. It was a lot of fun. It was such a treat to attend and be part of such a magical evening, celebrating all the amazing contributions women make to business in the region. Just awe-inspiring. And, seriously OMG the outfits!

It was so heartwarming to see so many women take such pride in their appearance, the outfits were AMAZING! So much effort and thought, I spent so much of the evening pouring over women’s outfits, gasping at the array of colours, textures, styles, glitter, gold, sparkle, lace, silk, prints….. The list goes on and on.

So, just to set the scene a little bit, I arrive on my own and I am the first person there… LOLs……. literally it was so funny, the waiter poured me an extra large glass of champagne, because he felt sorry for me. It really was funny….. However the ladies started arriving quite soon after and actually arriving this early, worked in my favour. I had the opportunity to meet (not knowingly) lots of the nominees of the night, many of whom went on to win multiple awards! So here are a few of the ladies that I met:

Massive congratulations to Mina O’Brien Digital Women of the Year! Her story is amazing from local Gov worker to well-known instagrammer to social media company owner.

Mumprenuers, they were a right laugh in the drinks reception, they have become a region wide network with over 9,000 women, supporting each other in business. Here they all are looking lovely.


Rebecca Whippy, a trained Lawyer, who founded Embrace East Sussex, who legally supports and protects families with children who have disabilities. She fights their legal cases, for better access or more support. Also mum of 4! Inspiring right?

I met the Chair and Founder of Wayfinder Women, a charity that supports women throughout their careers through coaching, training and support. Here she is looking nothing short of utterly elegant (can you spot the style crime in the picture..LOLS, who does that and turns up to an award ceremony carrying a plastic bag?… LMFAO).

Style Crime

So, as you can see it was worth looking silly arriving first on my own at the beginning of the night as I really did meet some super inspiring women! I was sitting on the Consortium Business Solutions Table, and here is a picture of Lara Squires the MD/Founder looking so gorgeous!


What I couldn’t help but notice was how much positivity and support women bring into the world of business and for each other. So many of their business models were connected to helping others. These womens’ energy, their drive, commitment and passion was second to none. I couldn’t help but feel like there is more that I can offer and if I can find a way to do that through business, then it’s a win win.

Here’s to more women thriving in business and making a difference at the same time!




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