Secret Hair – OOoh Tempted? Insider

I love the concept of secret hair, it’s so much fun.

If you are wondering what an earth I am talking about, then please do read on. Secret hair is a type of hair dye, where you sandwich a layer of unexpected colour in between your layers. So at a glance you may not spot it, however with a swoosh or a flick, suddenly a wave of colour cascades through the hair, offering a flash of something new and suprising in the form of an unexpected wave of colour!

secret hair 2

So, you may of read one of my earlier posts back in late spring called ‘To Balayage or Not to Balayage’. I’m a natural red head which is curly and I have had it long in length for a long time, however this year I felt like a refresh and decided to Balayage my hair for the first time, it was also the first time in 20 YEARS that I had dyed my hair… I know, I here you gasp!

Anyway, fast forward to now. I’m now thinking I might go wild and get some secret hair too. I know my brother would not be happy (having the same natural red colour and thickness). In fact my family really don’t approve of dying red hair at all. If your hair is naturally red and curly for some reason people really prefer you not to touch it. I have even had hairdressers reluctant to cut it, I know mad isn’t it? I get it, we’re a dying breed and getting harder to find, however I just don’t want to look back at my photos when I grow old and think, yes I had the same haircut for decades at a time, how boring ZzzzZZzZzz.

secret hair 3

The great thing about secret hair is that anyone can rock this look. I really don’t think look is reserved for an age bracket, anyone can have fun with their hair at any age.

So here’s a picture to give you some ideas about how it can work across lots of hair types:

secret hair 4

I have also decided to go for it. I am going to have a layer of secret hair colour put in. It will be well hidden too as I have masses of hair at the moment, which means my swooshing and flicking will have to be extra big. I think I can manage that.


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