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Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of working with an awesome team of people @AntonelloMarini @LeeJolieMUA @pauline.mongarny @lilyalexanderr on a fashion shoot in Camden Town, London, UK. I was briefed to pull together a few ’80s outfits for the shoot so I bought, begged, borrowed and stole a whole range of items as well as ransacking my own collection! As a stylist nothing is more fun than building outfits and the result was most pleasing to say the least.


To build the look, I used a range of items. The jeans are from Dirty Harry Clothing, a true gem of a shop, which I will blog about next week! A shop which has become a true cult classic in the North Laine Brighton\UK shopping district.

The body suit (my own) came from American Apparel and the jacket, which in my opinion is the centre piece garment of the shoot, was very kindly loaned to me by a very special friend. The jacket belonged to her late mother, who clearly had an amazing sense of style. I was so honoured that she trusted me to use the jacket for the shoot. I really do think it made the look which hung perfectly off the model and finally the accessories are my own from the high street with the creepers from ASOS.


I guess it helped massively working with such a striking model from Elite Modelling Agency; Lily Alexander who, when in make-up, really did look a young Jerry Hall. She  looked stunning in every picture, even before hair and make-up!

Lily 2

Timings were tight however we managed a get 2 outfits together and complete a morning of street photos. It was such fun. Roll on the next photo shoot!

Here’s a picture of me as I fix Lily’s outfit. I had to work quickly as we were running out of time with the sun disappearing behind a building.


Big shout out to the team. I loved working with you all and looking forward to more ’80s fun filled fashion shoots on the streets of London or even Brighton maybe?!





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