Faux Fur, Controversial I Know – Stylist

I can’t hide the fact that I really love faux fur.  I have quite a selection and each year I buy another faux fur coat much to my husbands dismay and I understand I’m not alone.

Let’s get this straight from the start, fur farming is wrong, real fur coats are cruel, and you will never see me wear a real fur coat EVER. I don’t really live in a country with a climate that really warrants the extra fur of another animal. So, when I say fur is wrong, I’m talking in context within the UK. If I lived in deepest darkest Scandinavia, or Iceland with sub minus temperatures then perhaps I would have another opinion, but I don’t.  So, therefore the need for real fur is non-existent here, (famous last words, I bet it snows this year and we have the coldest winter ever).

Faux fur has kept me warm each winter for a long time, I remember wearing my first faux fur when I was about 17  and having an animal activist scream at me – at which I retorted ‘It’s fake’! Since I agree that the fur trade is wrong, buying faux fur in my mind is supporting the better alternative. However, from another perspective I do appreciate I could be inadvertently supporting the trade, by keeping the desire for fur up, despite it being faux. Oh, it’s tricky isn’t it? Anyway, whichever way you look at it, there is something so utterly awesome about faux fur.

Black woman faux fur

Every winter it’s in fashion, it’s a look that has gathered a timeless reputation and no matter the colour, shape or size it will always look glamorous. I also do love to see a man don the faux fur, it screams I am confident and I love decadence, that in it’s self is sexy.

So what is on offer this season? Its all about being big and fluffy this season, much like a teddy bear. The faux fur coats out there are quite fun and playful with mid and short length cuts. Block colours are a firm favourite from bright red, blue or to buttercup yellow even with the odd animal print (not my preferred option though).

Faux 6

My best tip would be to hit the charity shops, all my faux fur has come from charity/vintage/secondhand shops, as you get the best choices, at the best prices.

Team it with sun glasses (yes even in winter), jeans, trainers and slogan tees or jumper dress with thigh high boots! Lashings of bright lipstick and some huge earrings and you are good to go, day or night.


Hurrah for the winter, as it means I get to wrap in my favourite type of coat. A big, massive, cuddly faux fur number so I can …..prrrrrr…when it gets a bit brrrrr…rrrr..r



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