Celebrating Women in Business

Oh my days, Women in Business Excellence Awards 2017! Last night saw the 2nd year of the event held at the Hilton in Brighton\UK. It was a lot of fun. It was such a treat to attend and be part of such a magical evening, celebrating all the amazing contributions women make to business in the region. Just awe-inspiring. And, seriously OMG the outfits! It was … Continue reading Celebrating Women in Business

Black Friday. Confused, yes me too – Insider

So Black Friday is upon us. It feels a bit forced doesn’t it? An export from America, were we not fine without it? Just to be clear, I am not knocking small traders, independents and the self-employed who piggy back on this to earn more money. It is their creativity and entrepreneurialism that is stimulating and stabilising the economy, so good on you for seeing … Continue reading Black Friday. Confused, yes me too – Insider

Fashion Shoot Fun! – Insider

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of working with an awesome team of people @AntonelloMarini @LeeJolieMUA @pauline.mongarny @lilyalexanderr on a fashion shoot in Camden Town, London, UK. I was briefed to pull together a few ’80s outfits for the shoot so I bought, begged, borrowed and stole a whole range of items as well as ransacking my own collection! As a stylist nothing is … Continue reading Fashion Shoot Fun! – Insider

Faux Fur, Controversial I Know – Stylist

I can’t hide the fact that I really love faux fur.  I have quite a selection and each year I buy another faux fur coat much to my husbands dismay and I understand I’m not alone. Let’s get this straight from the start, fur farming is wrong, real fur coats are cruel, and you will never see me wear a real fur coat EVER. I … Continue reading Faux Fur, Controversial I Know – Stylist