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I came across an amazing up and coming brand called Pretty Vacant UK, ( which I have to share with you all!

If you love biker jackets, punk music, art and fashion then read on. Pretty Vacant UK is a new brand, fresh out of north London.  All the jackets are lovingly handmade by a talented woman called Indigo. I had to find out more about these jackets and her creative approach to making these unique gems. So luckily she was kind enough to answer a few of my questions:

FLH: How do you go about designing your jackets?
I: The first thing I always do is research ideas for what I might want to put on the front and back of the jacket. This area is the first thing people see so I want it to stand out and be bold. However choosing the design is a very free process and I often change my mind half way through depending on how the jacket is developing. I will source online the patches I want and then when they arrive I choose what patches I want for a certain jacket and where I want them placed. I will temporarily pin them on the jacket and change them around or decide on new patches that I believe best suit the look of the jacket. I try to get as many punk influences on the jacket as possible however each jacket tends to have a main theme of just one band that I will draw most inspiration from. I like to have one main focal painting on the front and back. The surrounding area of the jacket is painted or studded completely freely. I try to stick to four main colours that the jacket will be and I will often look at the jacket and if I see too little of one colour I will try to add some of that colour elsewhere.
Pretty VC 4
FLH: Where do you find your inspiration?
I: I find my inspiration in multiple ways. One way is that I listen to the punk music and sometimes certain lyrics or songs stand out to me that I like and want to base my jacket around. I will also search online for a band’s album art or logos that people will recognise when they see it on the jacket. Even when I am out in Camden Town or about in London I love looking at graffiti art as although it’s not punk music I believe graffiti artist have the same sort of ethos. Unlike some traditional punk jackets I really love to use colour (especially pink!) so when I look for inspiration I am always drawn to images that are bold and bright and that will stand out on my jackets.
Pretty VC 2
FLH: How long have you been working in fashion for?
I: Funnily enough I am actually a qualified Chemist! However I have always had a passion for art, fashion and punk music. I actually only began this business after I initially made a punk jacket for myself and matching ones for my nieces (as I wanted them to be little punks like I was when I was a child!). I got such a great response from people about my jacket and was encouraged to make some more. As I absolutely loved making them, I thought, ‘why not’? And that is where Pretty Vacant began!
Pretty VC7
FLH: Who are your jackets aimed at?
I: My jackets are aimed at women who want to feel pretty and tough at the same time! What I find is that depending on how you look people like to box you in a stereotype of what you must like, wear and/or do. Being a punk for many means wearing mainly black, shaving/dying your hair, getting tattoos and piercing etc. I really rejected this notion that I had to be a certain way to be a punk. So for me my jackets are there for the girls who feel like punks, who are rock and roll but at the same time like pink, like colours, like being girly, like being true to themselves and not fitting into a box! 
Pretty VC 3
FLH: How do you go about creating them?
I: I tend to work on multiple jackets all at the same time. I hang them all up in my room and I begin by pinning on the jacket what patches I will use and where I want them. I also choose what badges I want on the collars of the jacket. I then begin by painting the designs onto the jackets. I try to do the painting first however I often change my mind so I tend to go back and forth with painting then sewing then studding as it gives me some time to think about my designs and how the overall jacket is looking.
Pretty VC8


So there we have it, each jacket is lovingly handmade, they really are unique pieces of artwork. So, if you fancy getting your hands on one then why not visit the Etsy store and grab a fresh piece of punk art design today.  They are totally worth every penny in my opinion.



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