Platform Crocs – Urghhhh, NO. WTF?!

There are two types of people in this world, those that like and wear Crocs and those that don’t. I am clearly in the latter camp. However, you can always count on the fashion world to take something awful and make it even more horrendous. Sorry, my Croc loving friends, however I am about to unleash my true feelings. Although, before I do, can I just add that kids in Crocs are cute, adults in Crocs are not, it is a massive no from me.

Seriously, these shoes are ‘Tradge’ with a capital T. What the hell is going on with its design? I get it, they ripped off the humble and beautiful clog and turned this vile shoe into a plastic shoe empire. A big plastic ugly shoe empire to add. Why!!!??? ( Head in hands) .

Isn’t there enough useless plastic in the world without adding these offensive looking shoes to the sh*t heap. I can see it now at the dump, there will be a mountain of Crocs, plaguing the Earth for centuries. And now the bonkers world of fashion has turned it into a platform shoe with more plastic crap stuck to it.

I am sorry for being so harsh. I am sorry if you’re reading this and own a pair. No adult should really wear this shoe, I don’t care how comfy and anti-bacterial the plastic is, it is an eye sore. There are better shoes out there, you deserve more than Crocs.

Way more.


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