Bring on the Beret – Stylist

This autumn on the runways, no one can deny that Beret’s are making a comeback. Have you ever worn one? I haven’t, but I must say I am tempted. In fact I hardly ever wear hats. The last hat I wore was my graduation hat for my Master in Science. I ended up tossing it around a lot and just putting it on my mum and dad’s heads…. much to their amusement!

Hats are a bit tricky aren’t they? Unless for example it’s a winter beanie, which actually come to think about it, I do indulge with. However there is a real difference between hat’s. A beanie is about keeping your head warm in winter, it’s merely practical. Where as a Beret is more of a statement piece and practicality second. My mum in the 80s had Berets in almost every colour. I used to marvel at them and think they were amazing. Yes, my mother is a stylish woman, I can’t deny.

It’s a hat that has transcended centuries and decades, through world wars even and now here it is making another stonking resurgence. It is also associated to red stars and revolutions so perhaps by wearing one you might be showing off your rebellious side.

Whatever you feel when putting one on, there is a certain technique to this hat. You can either wear it to the side, you can either wear it over the top or pulled slightly to front. I have long hair, so I will be sweeping my hair to the side, and tipping the Beret in the other direction, that way it frames the face and off sets the directions of hat and hair. I am thinking red lips, a mac with a storm flap and black thigh high leather boots. Wow, now I feel like to I should be in a movie, as a spy on the run maybe?

I haven’t bought one this year as of yet but as it happens, it looks as if most stockists are buying them in. So based on your wallet you can hit H&M and part with a £8.99 or go all out and buy one from Alexander McQueen for £185, or any good second hand vintage store will have them.

Time to step outside, put our good foot forward and tip our Berets to one side, as the autumn leaves fly past us.

Long live the Beret.




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