Going Bra-less Takes Balls (Ironically) – WTF?!

Well, word on the fashion street is that going bra-less is the thing to do, if you want to enhance a certain look. Whenever you see models on the catwalk, they never have bras, then they also don’t have tits!

I can’t help but feel slightly panicked by this, and then I have to stop and think why? Why does this bother me? Well, I am no longer in my 20’s and yes whilst my boobs have not headed totally south just yet, they don’t look exactly as they did when I was younger (sad face). Then I have to think ‘hold on, its totally unrealistic to expect them to look the same, so why am I sad about that?’ But enough about my chest, this blog is focused on why going bra-less is so scary and has society drummed it so hard into people’s heads, that it can’t be possible to be seen out without one? Hhhhmm….Maybe.

After the early 90’s ‘Hello Boy’s’ Wonderbra add campaign it was a marketing success (with Wonderbra sales rocketing) have I now and all those from that era, got an expectation that breasts must look a certain way; high, large, round and available? When in reality we all know boobs don’t really come like that.

This ‘latest trend’ seems a tad odd to me, how can going bra-less be a fashion statement? Or even a trend. I think this ‘trend’ excludes a lot of women who have MUCH larger breasts. The key to going bra-less is having fairly small boobs, if any at all but then again is this me playing out to societal expectations? Why can’t a larger chested lady go bra-less?

As it happens, I have actually gone bra-less twice in the last week. Not because it’s the ‘latest trend’ but because I had twice forgotten to pack a bra for after my workouts at the gym before work. Yeah, scary and I don’t even have massive ones! So there I am at work, with no bra on. Do you know what? It felt fucking great. Almost everyday since the age of 12, I have worn a bra and now in my late 30’s I am getting a taste of going bra-less. It is so comfortable. This is how a man feels, this is how a women with no boobs feels, lucky you. I love my boobs but seriously, why not try it? It’s so good.

I think it is about time we stopped expecting boobs to look a certain way and embraced the reality, I also think all women should give this a go. Not because it is trendy but because it really does feel liberating. I wont be burning my bra or throwing them over my head anytime soon, however if we ladies all give going bra-less a go, then it might become the new norm and we can all stop obsessing over them. Who cares if you are wearing a bra or not? Not me that’s for sure. I know better now.



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