Oversized Jumpers Rule – Stylist

This post is to pay homage to my new jumper that I bought in Urban Outfitters (in the sale obvs). It was a gift from my husband, that I chose. This jumper is seriously the best jumper in the whole world. This may, at first glance seem a tad over the top, dedicating an entire blog post to a jumper, however once I share with you the deets, you will be with me on this one. Before I jump in, (did you see what I did there, lols) – I need to just let you know, if you hadn’t already worked it out,  that I do indeed have a deep love for over-sized jumpers, the bigger the better, chunky knit, so I can get lost in it.

Red Jumper 17

So, what is your game plan for keeping warm this autumn/winter? My top tip here is that anyone can pull off an over-sized jumper. Just don’t be afraid to buy big. My favourite jumpers are up to 4 sizes larger than my actual size. This means I can wear it as a dress over thick tights, leggings or jeans and it will always look fab with boots, whichever style I go for.

Where does this love of massive jumpers come from? I think it stems from the fact that I hate the cold. OK, ‘hate’ is quite harsh, I strongly dislike feeling cold. Living in England it sadly means, I am regularly faced with feeling and being cold. Its a drag I must admit.

I also live in a beautiful regency property, with huge sash windows and insanely high ceilings however the downside is that I rattle around in it during winter, trying to fight the chilly feeling. In fact a few years ago, my husband came home to find me in multiple layers with my dressing gown over the top and I had also strapped a hot water bottle to my stomach, used as a hot belt. I looked insane. We digress back to the best jumper in the whole world. There are 2 reasons why this jumper is epic:

  1. It is red
  2. It goes down to my ankles!!!!!!!!!!

A big thick red woolly jumper that goes down to my ankles, what is not to love about that? Boom. Get involved and grab a massive cosy jumper for yourself too. So, come on winter, we will be so ready for you.


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