Why Not Caring Too Much Is a Good Thing – WTF?!

I know this might feel slightly contradictory coming from a stylist, however I want to share this thought with you. I do believe making an effort with your appearance is important most of the time, however there comes a point in everybody’s life when you just have to let go a bit. I don’t mean let yourself go, I mean just care less sometimes.  It is not sustainable to be immaculate all the time, even though so many of us seem to be selfie ready at the drop of a hat. It’s healthy to just say ‘what the hell sometimes’ and let go of that idea that we women and men have to look, be and feel the part all of the time.

Life is so very up and down for all of us, there are a lot of challenges to face and there is a lot to celebrate too, however cutting yourself some slack every now and then, shows compassion towards yourself. I went to lunch with a lovely friend the other day who for a moment was fretting, about not having put on make-up before she left the house. Did I notice? No. Did I think less of her? No. Did she look lovely? Most definitely.

This morning in the gym changing rooms, after showering my hair I realised that I hadn’t packed my hair styling products and for anyone that knows me, and my long red curly hair you will know that this is a serious situation, but actually was it really? I wore my hair natural for the first time since primary school! And, you know what? It looked alright! There is something to be said for real effortless style. So don’t worry so much about it, and accept you for you, it will make life that bit easier and who doesn’t appreciate that.




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