Can Everyone Just Stop Faking It? WTF?!

Look, I know a little ‘fakery’ here and there feels good but seriously, I do think one needs to keep this in check. The trouble is these companies and the media are getting so damn good at convincing us we need to look different from our natural state.

I know/I know it feels good right? A little fake tan, lash extensions, fake nails. I have done all this, however I have come to realise that less fakery, is better. If you are going to fake it, choose wisely, ironically the best fakes are the ones that look real. Oh the irony.

So, my lovely husband, turned to me on Sunday afternoon, whilst sitting in Pavilion Gardens and said, “I do love it when you don’t wear much make-up“, and I thought “oh gosh, I am wearing loads”. Do I smile and say thanks, or fess up and admit I am wearing loads? To make my face look natural (so silly and funny) I opted to smile and accept the compliment. What a faker!

So where does one draw the line? Well it really depends on your assets. So picture this; a woman getting ready for a night out, and she opts for:

  1. Fake hair and colour (hair piece maybe or extensions)
  2. Fake tan
  3. Fake lashes
  4. Fake nails
  5. Booster bra (fake size)
  6. Lip plumper (fake size)
  7. HD eyebrows (just wrong)
  8. Contoured to high heaven (fake face shape and done badly looks stupid)
  9. Massive heals (fake height)

Suddenly we stop looking like our real selves and start hiding behind the exaggerated fake beauty products.  I also think we are in danger of looking like drag queens, faux femininity. We don’t need to fake our femininity,  we have been given feminine beauty by default. So think carefully, and chose wisely, fake a little but not too much, as I can assure you, that balanced with your natural beauty it will stand out by far more.

If you have short lashes, then go for it top them up with extension, but work within the realms of reality. If your feeling a bit pasty use a fake tan, want a bigger pout then lip plump away, what I am saying is don’t go the whole hog and do everything. I guess the title of this blog post should of been ‘Can Everyone Just Fake It a Little Less Please?’ Including me.

And if you were wondering how much make-up I was wearing that day, I had a radiance foundation, bronzer, added some natural colour to eyebrows, light pink eye shadow and mascara. Amazing that I managed to look natural, the secret? Use low levels of all products.

OK, so if you want to fake it, go easy. I believe you will look more beautiful.




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