Puffa Coats – Get in! Stylist

Get your 90s Puffa Jacket out! Back in the 90s I had a silver one, and it looked wicked (well I thought so anyway!). So, as you can imagine I am utterly delighted to see this look come back around. It’s a fun look and it’s a cosy feeling even given that I despise the cold, this is a brucey bonus (RIP Bruce).

I have scoured the high street and a range of online retailers and I can now confirm that there are loads to choose from, in all shapes and sizes. So far I have spotted black/white/red/mustard/green/navy/aubergine and the legendary silver. Plus, there are more shapes to choose from, short, mid-length and long. With so many choices, there is something for all shapes, sizes and colours.

Long Puffa

I also think you can afford to go one size up in these types of jackets, to allow more room but also give you the option of wearing thick jumpers underneath when it gets really cold.

It’s a fresh, fun and funky look. Plus, it is really easy to wear, just throw it on and it is perfect for a night on the tiles or a trip to the coffee shop on a crisp Saturday morning.


I think this look can stick around. Puffa Jackets are not just for the 90s they’re for the everyday right now. Bring it on.




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