Fancy Trying Something New? – Stylist

Have you ever had any of these thoughts:

I would like to try something new but I am not sure where to start?

I have a wardrobe that’s packed full of clothes and yet I have nothing to wear!

My body has changed but my wardrobe hasn’t, where do I start?

I want a new image, but have no idea about how to do that or what would suit me?

I want to be more smart/casual but not really sure how.

What the hell do I wear to that day/evening event?

This is where personal styling can help. I think most people assume that personal styling is something for the rich and famous, or a luxury that is just way too expensive. That’s not how I see it. I think it is something we can all benefit from once in a while. Think of it like a fashion trouble-shooter that parachutes in and out again, leaving you with fresh ideas and new-found confidence about your style and how to tackle the world of fashion.

So, I thought I would offer you lovely lot a promo offer, as a taster to see what it is like working with a personal stylist.  I will be offering some of my services HALF PRICE for the month of September 2017. Plus, I will throw in a FREE ‘Colour Analysis’ too, so you will know what suits you best across your wardrobe (and make-up for the autumn/winter season if you are a lady). That is super generous if I do say so myself. There will be a 50% discount on these services:

  1. Wardrobe Audit
  2. Style Refresh
  3. Special Occasion Dressing
  4. Personal Shopping (Brighton only or online)

I will be running this offer only for the month of September 2017 and with space for only 3 new clients, I suggest you go for it if you are tempted! And with a new season on the horizon, we will all be updating and rearranging our wardrobes, so why not get a personal stylist in to help, making things easier for you.

Email me at to request my brochure of services and if you feel ready to start you can have a free, no obligations consultation to work out how I can best help you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Here’s to looking and feeling your best.


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