Champagne Taste, Lemonade Wallet – Insider

I definitely have a ‘champagne taste and a lemonade wallet’ and I think for most of us (for the 98%) this tends to be the case. For those of you wondering what on earth I am talking about, I simply mean, I have a taste for the finer things, however my wallet is a different story and the budget has a whole lot of restrictions!

You may of read one of my earlier blog posts, called ‘Going First Class’. I am still committed to this ethos of investing in the best, so that a clothes item will last and thus helping me be more eco-friendly in my shopping, but also that I do deserve to have high-end clothes. I am also a massive bargain hunter, so I am desperate to tell you about an utterly exciting shop in Brighton\UK called The Dressing Room. It is an absolute treasure trove.

However, If you love designer clothes and totally can’t bring yourself to spend top whack for those items, then this is place for you! I bought a beautiful red Calvin Klein dress (that looks the bomb, I might add) for……. wait for it……. £29!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhh, so exciting. I know, amazing isn’t it?

It’s the best designer preloved clothes shop in Brighton. In fact, I think this is really the way forward. I know having new items is a total pleasure, but when you think about it, this makes so much more sense. Why spend out, when you can enjoy some lux, for less and be kinder to the environment by supporting recycling.

This shop is brimming with designer labels from Yves Saint Larent, Jimmy Choo to Gucci and Fendi. When you arrive you are greeted by a friendly shop assistant, who will encourage you to browse at your leisure and try items on as you see fit. And if you need assistance getting the zip done up, fear not, a helping hand will be there. I had the store to myself that afternoon and it felt a bit like a personal shopping experience, with relaxed chatting about the clothes and with a few laughs thrown in for good measure.

You can pretend it is like a really wealthy friends walk in wardrobe, that’s kind of what it looks like, due to the random nature of the clothes.  It is self indulgent and that is what I like about the shopping experience. So many labels, all next to each other, and as you browse the rails, you are not sure what you might find.


I highly recommend you check out this store if you want a designer bargain, as you really are spoiled for choice. Plus, they have the sales too. So not only can you get a bargain from the outset, you can get a double bargain. This makes me very happy and I know it will make you happy too.


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