Lisbon Shopping, Real Pleasure – Insider

Last month, I had the treat of going shopping in Lisbon. I had never been there before so it was a real treat to be able to go and experience a new city for the first time. I was particularly excited about checking out the shops, being the capital of Portugal, you would expect to have high hopes. Whilst it was a real pleasure, it wasn’t a knock out for me, I would most definitely go back but for the food and culture rather than the shopping.

Well it is certainly pretty, the buildings are beautiful, the architecture stunning, covered in tiles, of different colours and it really gave you something to look at.

It is quite hilly, so be ready to stomp up and down, however the cobbled streets and range of shops and cafes on offer make it easy to slow down to stop and start.


My shopping companion, my husband, is on the look out for record stores, where as I am on the look out for clothes, shoes and bags! It certainly didn’t disappoint. There are lots of boutiques, well-known suspects as well as more European names with a few independents thrown in for good measure. My husband found some record crates to dig through and whilst he never made a purchase, I think sometimes just thumbing through vinyl is enough to keep him happy!


It has something for all wallets too, having not long come back from Barcelona, I was feeling the pinch. However I still managed to sniff out a few bargains from a store called ‘Springfield’ that felt a bit like H&M. There were lots of sales on too, so that helped!

20170708_163955 (2)

Its is not as ‘out there’ as Berlin, varied like London or as high-end/cutting edge as Paris, although it does have a wonderful charm, and it’s easy to just saunter round the shops, at your own pace and let your eyes guide you. Its quite a relaxing experience.

If you love beautiful buildings, cafe culture, street art, amazing food and wine, then put this on your destination list, as it is well worth a visit.


Obrigado for reading.


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