Family Store By Name, Family Store By Nature – Insider

If ever there were a concept store that captured the fun, beauty and quirkiness of illustration of today it would be this shop in Brighton\Kensington Gardens called Family Store. It is a total gem of a store, that puts ‘newness’ and art at it’s heart.  The store was founded last March in 2016, after taking inspiration from concept stores popping up across Europe. It’s a place where you can buy a record, a t-shirt, a book, a patch, a print and so on. Its aims to capture the spirit of ‘Family Stores’ from days gone by when you could pop to a local store and make a purchase.


Its fun, bright, and playful. As soon as you walk in you can’t help but notice the range of items, all carefully chosen and placed around the store. You could easily treat this store as an art gallery and loose yourself for a while.

What makes Family Store even more exceptional is that it goes the extra mile in commissioning illustration artists from all over the world. Those commissions then go on t-shirts, prints and stickers that you can all buy in store.  I really love that! Artists need support and routes to market and Family Store creates a virtuous circle.

So, buying their products means you will often be supporting artistic talent. They have worked with David Shrigley and they support up and coming talent from across the UK and Europe, including Akvile Magicdust from Latvia plus they have their own in-store label called IM.


Family Store ooozes creativity, whilst promoting art and endorses a lifestyle that is dynamic and unique. A popular haunt for the millennial shoppers. Don’t feel excluded though as there is something for everyone, their jumpers and t-shirts look good on men, women, girls and boys. It really doesn’t matter your age and their style feels very gender neutral. So, if you love illustration, have a sense of humour and enjoy visual stimulation of the illustration variety, then go down to Family Store, as I can assure you, you wont get another shopping experience quite like this one.

Good news too as they are looking to expand the store by opening up another floor! And, fear not, if you don’t live nearby then visit their awesome website and treat yourself or a loved one to something you most definitely wont find anywhere else:


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