Furry Sliders Can Go Do One – WFT?!

Right, whose with me on this one? Have you seen them yet? Well, if you haven’t, from now on you’re going to start seeing them everywhere. They are so horrid, that they’re in fact comedy gold.

Sliders with fur……

I am going to repeat myself, yes, sliders with fur! Faux fur I might add, well they blooming better be, because if that’s real fur, it makes it even more gross.

The slider is a well known sandal, however it’s really just for the poolside, right? I mean walking down the road to your local pub, or for a night out, it’s just wrong, ain’t it? Furry slippers have long been associated with the comedy gran or the stereotypical older women trying to be sexy with a small kitten heel, but on top of a slider, it just looks as silly. But then, who am I to judge? If a man or woman wants to indulge in a pair of furry sliders then it is their fashion right to do so.

In fact, has anyone noticed the furry editions that keep popping up on shoes these days? I was in Kurt Geiger this afternoon and every now and then I saw an offending item (Lols). Furry bits on heels, furry bits on sandals, on shoes, no, no, no, no and no! That’s what I am thinking whenever I see fur on a shoe. I do like faux fur, I own a lot of it but please, not on my heels, shoes or my sandals for that matter.

Plus there is the need to think about the practicality, a furry slider is never going to last the distance. Imagine in a nightclub, or shopping on Oxford Street in the rain or running for a bus. It’s just not happening for me, but fair play to those that feel they can rock this look.

It’s a massive thumbs down from me although hats off to the fashion followers that stride about town in their furry sliders.

Get your furry slide on.








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