Dressing For All Seasons- Insider & Stylist

Dressing for all seasons. This is what the British weather has finally driven us to accept. In my heart, along with many others we all know that this is the truth. Especially in ‘summer’ here in England/UK. Whilst at first glance this may feel a little sad/disappointing, as we all want to wear our summer gear in summer! The reality is, that we are faced with a much more changeable beast. For years now it is common knowledge in Brighton/UK that in the summer you pack your umbrella, your sunglasses, sunscreen and perhaps a cardigan/or rain mac too.

Dressing for all seasons is a fun way to be prepared for all eventualities, plus you get to play with your wardrobe even more. So, how does one approach this styling technique. Firstly layers, so if it’s hot strip back, when cold pile it on, we all know that anyway!

The fun bit is mixing and matching, so for example if it is a breezy day, yet warm spells you could go for trousers and sandals. Or, how about a halter neck top with jeans and trainers. The smart bit is deciding what avenue you go down when needing to cool off, such as a jumper with hot pants or summer dress with boots.

Last week I tried, a t-shirt under an open shirt, with a short sleeve cardigan, skinnies and sandals. Yep, ready for anything, although to be fair the end result was me being way too hot and stripping back to the t-shirt!

It’s about wearing your winter coat, with crop top, summer skirt and sandals, or an a-line skirt, t-shirt and boots. It’s an easy and fun concept to play with plus you get to mix and match your wardrobe even more. Gone are the days when we had distinct wardrobes for each season, it’s about being way more practical, ready for anything, whilst still looking your best with what you have. Hurrah.

Here is an example of what you could do with a skater skirt all year round:


All season dressing 2


Mix and match away peeps.




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